Unfortunately, the cleaning instructions we have on our bags are required to be there and are specific to non-agitator, large front-load style, on delicate. Damages from washing the sleeping bag is not covered under warranty.  Most often you do not need to clean your sleeping bag. If is smells like smoke, leave it outside for the day to air out but typically bags are not meant to be washed very often to keep their temperature rating and quality over the years. 

If you must clean it, this is what is recommended:



Leave bag completely zipped throughout wash cycle.  

Machine wash cold in front-load or top-load non-agitating washer, using gentle cycle and mild soap.  

Do not bleach  

Rinse thoroughly 

Tumble dry low 

Fluff by hand to restore loft

Dry completely before use or storage

**DO NOT use detergents**

**DO NOT wring or twist**

 **DO NOT use fabric softener**

**DO NOT dry clean**


NOTE:  Sleeping bags will burn, keep away from fire sources.