Finding the proper replacement pole for your tent can be a difficult process but you eliminate options that will not work. These simple steps will help you narrow down what type of pole you are needing: 


  1. Take a measurement of the length and diameter of the pole.
  2. Determine from what type of material your pole is made (common materials are fiberglass and aluminum)
  3. Count out how many segments are in each pole
  4. Examine the ends of the pole and take note of how they attach or insert into the tent base


Once you have all of this information, it will be much easier to determine if a pole will work for your tent. 


If you are not able to find a generic pole that will work as replacement for your tent you may reach out to a company called Tent Pole Technologies.

Tent Pole Technologies is a separate company that specializes in tent pole repairs and replacements. They are usually able to repair the pole that you have that may be broken, and in some cases, they can manufacture a new pole for you based on the pole that you have that is broken. Information is below:


Tent Pole Technologies:

Phone: 360-260-9527