Due to the nature of footprints, they tend to wear out faster than other components.  It is cost-effective to manufacture footprints at the same time we produce the tents meaning they are made to match a specific tent.  In our quest to constantly improve our tents, dimensions and attachment methods change from one model to another, and sometimes from one year to another.  A footprint from a similar looking tent or newer tent probably will not perfectly fit a tent that is a couple of years older. 


Do you have a footprint that will work for my tent even if it is not a perfect fit? 


If you know the dimensions of your tent, you can find some newer footprints that can work with your tent, they just will not be a perfect fit. They likely will not clip to the body of the tent in the same way or exactly match the dimensions, but they still can be a great option to protect the base of your tent. Just look for a footprint that is a bit smaller than the base of your tent but has similar dimensions. You want your footprint to be smaller than the base of your tent to ensure that water does not collect on the top of the footprint and channel underneath the base of your tent. Alternatively, there are many do-it-yourself options available online. It is a rather easy and inexpensive project to do at home and can yield great results!