Yes! There are many options out there if there is no longer a footprint available for your tent. The first and most convenient is to purchase a standard tarp from your local hardware store. Keep in mind that you want it to be just smaller than your tent and its goal is to protect your tent form the ground while also keeping water from coming up from below. If you are unable to find a tarp that fits your needs, you can always pick up some 10mm plastic wrap from a hardware store and cut it to your exact needs.


Making your own footprint:

Making a footprint to fit your tent is a fairly easy process! The point of a footprint is to protect the tent floor from moisture and rough terrain alike in the hopes of preserving the tent for as long as possible. The general rule for making a footprint is measuring the sides to be at least 2" shorter than each side of the tent. A footprint should always be smaller than the tent floor, as a longer footprint will likely collect moisture which will seep between the tent and footprint, essentially rendering the footprint useless. Alternative to making a footprint is purchasing one which has dimensions already smaller than your tent floor. To make a footprint, please follow the steps below:


  1. Measure and record all sides of your tent floor from corner to corner. Take 2 or more inches off of each measurement and record as well.
  2. Using a ground sheet, a tarp, or an outdoor material such as something acquired from, measure and mark where you need to cut the material to match the shorter measurements recorded previously.
  3. Optional: Purchase a grommet kit and attach grommets to all 4 corners of your new footprint. This is not necessary as the tent should keep the footprint secure on its own, but is a helpful step if you prefer securing your footprint with ground stakes as well.
  4. If your footprint material is not already waterproof, it is highly recommended to waterproof the material prior to use. We recommend Gear Aid products best, but your preferred waterproofing products should be fine as well. Most come with application instructions of their own.


Now you have a new footprint to take along camping! If you need any further assistance or clarification on these steps, please don't hesitate to reach out to customer service here.